Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

Work and Learn

Online education is a fast emerging trend today in this information age of delivery education opportunities transverse distance and access to education contents barriers. It has afforded many who with the constraint of distance barrier and traveling costs would not have been able to afford a quality education to be open to many opportunities of quality access to better and enriched education contents and career option.

The evolving trends of the asynchronous technologies for delivering education through media such e-mail, audio and video devices like MP3, cassettes,CDs, DVDs, blogs, social network media and hosts of others has made learning very easy for the distance learner. You can enroll for a course while you work as long as you are personally motivated and well disciplined, it is very likely that you will outperformed your colleague in the traditional classroom setting in a conventional institution.

Many works and research on this subjects have some convincing studies to back this trend that those who work and learn especially in their career path do better as they have practical and real life scenarios to experiment what they are taught in classroom with. Again, the distance learner who works in a sales and marketing department will learn faster and relate sales and marketing issues/topics practically better than the classroom student who has no such an experience.

In fact, from experience the working students in the distance learning mode provides a lot of teaching and learning aids for the online instructor and the instructional education technologist. They provide avenue for the instructional technologist to give practical and life substance to the education contents and materials. Real life encounters are easily capture in audio or video by these distance learners which after succinct scrutiny are incorporated into the learning materials to give Live credence to what is taught in the classroom.

This is what has made online learning, online education, e-learning - variant of what distance education is called today very popular and first cost effective consideration in furthering your career if you are still gainfully employed. All you need is the discipline and will to learn on your own and with the support and student learning support that comes with most of these distance learning institution, you are not likely to miss much of the classroom interaction that the traditional students missed.

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